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Polybutylene Repiping

Polybutylene piping is a plastic, usually gray pipe, connected by fittings secured to the pipes by metal rings. It distributes potable water from the main shut-off ball valve to your plumbing fixtures (faucets, showers, tubs, toilets, washing machine, water heater, dish washer, etc). It was installed in thousands of homes nationwide until 1995. These pipes and, or insert fittings, over time, develop cracks, holes, and complete breaks, causing damaging water leaks that in some cases can flood a home.

Polybutylene piping

Some of the devastating effects of polybutylene leaks

polybutylene leaks

In 1995, the Cox V. Shell settlement managed by Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center allocated millions of dollars for the replumbing of homes that qualified under the program criteria. We were one of the companies nationwide contracted to do those projects from beginning to end. By the year 2001, we were the only company in Southeast Florida repiping homes under the program. And also privately to all the home owners that did not qualify.

Although we were not allowed to advertise, we alerted as many home owners as we could, and with such specialized experience, meticulous attention to deliver the highest quality of work, and personalized customer service, our reputation as the number 1, most qualified replumbing company grew amongst home owners and city building inspectors in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County, and Martin County.

We are so specialized that we will repair the plumbing, the walls that were open to access the piping, and paint the area to match your existing paint. Home owners tell us over and over that when we are finished no one could ever tell walls had been open. Although the settlement ended in May 2009, we have continued replumbing homes all over South Florida. We have hundreds of happy customers and written references. Please see the About Us & Testimonials page to read what some of our close to 3,000 customers have told us.

The process of a replumbing project is as follows:
  • Personalized FREE visit, or phone call, or e-mail consultation / estimate/ contract.
  • Permit processing with local building department.
  • Set up project schedule. We work consecutive business days from beginning to end, borrowing unforeseen circumstances.
  • Start of project – Sandro (Sam), the Contractor / Owner hands on every plumbing job. Process: Plumbing – Inspection – Finishing – Inspection
  • Honest – Affordable – Clean – Reliable – Highest Standards of quality

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