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My name is Sandro (Sam) Rossano and my wife's name is Adriana Rossano.

We are the owners of The Plumbing Specialists, LLC, d.b.a. Dr. Plumber.

The founder of Dr. Plumber, former Dr. Plumber, Inc., was Dr. Aaron Nathaniel Bauldree, a talented scholar who decided in the 1980s to become a building, plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning contractor. I started working for Aaron in February of 1995, as a plumber, and Adriana as an office manager. He taught and mentored us professionally and also in all aspects of life. His kindness and gentle ways, gave us the opportunity to enjoy and love working together in this industry. Yet his brilliant mind and thirst for learning and making a difference in people's lives drove him to Law School at the age of 70 years old. He graduated from Florida State University at 72, and practices law in Tallahassee.

Meanwhile, in the past 23 years, our family grew, with the addition of our two daughters, while I have become a plumbing state licensed contractor and a specialist in plumbing service and replumbing. The Plumbing Specialists, LLC/ d.b.a. Dr. Plumber was formed in 2003 under my license to continue serving the growing number of customers. We have established our reputation as a solid, reliable, and quality driven company.

We are family owned and operated, we take a lot of pride in our work, and strive to create lasting relationships with all that we serve by going the "extra mile" to satisfy our greatest asset, our Customers, our Friends. The difference between us and other companies is our personalized customer service. Adriana takes care of all the customers' needs, while Walter and I are giving the highest possible quality, clean service, with attention to detail and utmost care, treating you and your home as we treat our family and our homes. Walter is well known by his magical ways when repairing the drywall holes we open.


“These people have got to be and are the best in Florida. There are not enough adjectives to describe them and their work. From the minute I called the office till the job was done, it was nothing but a pleasure!! You didn’t even know they had been there all day working. The area was spotless by 5 pm every evening. There isn’t enough GOOD I can say about them – Sam, Adriana and Walter are all experts in their field. You would be crazy not to engage them from plumbing right to drywall !!!!”

Anna Hayes – Grovewood, Lake Worth FL

“After several expensive and destructive polybutylene leaks, we decided a replumb was necessary. Fortunately, a neighbor told us about Dr. Plumber. We are certainly glad they did. Dr. Plumber scheduled us for the job right away, as we had an active leak. The price was quite reasonable. The work was done with such skill and efficiency that our service was restored in a day. Removal of walls was less than I anticipated. The repair work that followed was first rate and included in the price. Most pleasing of all was the professional, courteous, and friendly way we were treated from our first phone contact to the last detail of the job. Every effort was made to address our concerns. It was a real pleasure dealing with the company. My only regret is that I didn’t replumb sooner! Many Thanks.”

Janet and Malcolm Ross – Plantation FL

“Our experience with Sam and Adriana and all the people who make up The Doctor Plumber Company, was nothing short of wonderful. Sam’s attention to detail, together with Adriana’s knowledge of code and programs that applied to the replacement of polybutylene piping made the transition to copper piping in our home a pleasant experience. We had called on Doctor Plumber several times prior to our re-piping for repairs and they never failed to respond quickly and professionally. It is a complete piece of mind to deal with a company that you feel good about and trust. Thank you Sam and Adriana for always being there for us.”

Lisa and Don Baird – Deerfield Beach FL

“Our experience with Dr. Plumber could not have been any better. Although no one really looks forward to the idea of having their home re plumbed, the experts at Dr. Plumber make the experience as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. From the pulling of the permits, to the meticulous work in the re plumb and the perfection achieved in the drywall work, we have and would continue to recommend Dr. Plumber to anyone. They are true professionals and a pleasure to work with.”

Oscar and Mayra Lecusay – Davie FL

“As you all know, my wife and I were very hesitant to do our replumbing in Hollywood Florida. Everything went far better than we expected. On a daily basis, the house was kept clean and dirt free by the Dr. Plumber team. Regarding the holes and repainting of the walls and ceiling, they matched perfectly. If we weren’t satisfied with the job, the Dr. Plumber team would have redone it until we were. I would highly recommend Dr. Plumber to anyone that is considering a replumb.”

Mark Eichen – Hollywood FL

“Dear Dr. Plumber: It is with the utmost of confidence that I would recommend Dr. Plumber for any plumbing needs that a customer would have. When I realized that my home had polybutylene pipes and would need a complete replumbing, I was devastated. I contacted Dr. Plumber and from the initial phone call to the completion of the project, I was impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and concern. The owners and staff treated me as if my home was their home. They were punctual, extremely neat and quite pleasant to work with. Almost a year after the replumbing, I had a simple plumbing question and when I called the office they remembered me and answered my query. They made me feel as if I was not just ‘another job’ to them. Fortunately, I have not had any more plumbing issues since Dr. Plumber was here. But if I did, they would be the first that I’d call.”

Caren Chambers – Boca Raton FL

“There are not enough words to describe the services of Dr. Plumber- owner and entire working crew. I had a polybutylene leak that went unnoticed for a month. Thought it was a roof leak from heavy rain which it wasn’t and then decided to call a plumber. Dr. Plumber was recommended to me by my neighbor who had his house replumbed because of the same problem. They came in and in about five minutes he found the leak and was able to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to my home. A fair estimate to replumb my house was given me and they commenced work in a couple of weeks. The job was completed within the week and a finish man (Walter) came the following week to repair any wall openings that were necessary to make. All work was done in a workmanship like manner, workers were clean and courteous always on time and the finisher did an excellent job. You would never know there was a hole cut in the wall. I have recommended Dr. Plumber to many of my neighbors and they all have been very satisfied with the work performed.”

Joan Kendzia – Deerfield Beach FL

“When you have problems with your heart and end up in the hospital you want the best doctor to take care of your plumbing. Right? Well that is what you will get with Dr. Plumber. The best plumbing doctor in South Florida! Your mind will be at peace knowing there will be no leaks or major blow outs while sleeping or on vacation. So go with the best, with Dr. Plumber and his surgical staff. PS: Sam and Walter you are the best! Keep the water flowing.”

David and Alice Nolan – Sunrise FL

“If you look up the word professionalism in the dictionary you will find ‘Dr. Plumber’. We had occasion to need their services several years ago. We were fortunate enough to be included in the class action lawsuit. Needless to say we were terrified at the thought of having sections of wall removed in our home. It was a daunting prospect. Sam told us exactly what to expect and for several days it did, indeed, look like a hurricane had swept through our home. It also involved much work on our part, unaccustomed as we are to having clothes and bathroom and kitchen things around the house. Sam and Walter were meticulous as they worked. They cleaned up every area that they competed. After Walter patched the walls and painted over the areas it was as though nothing had been disturbed. We were given an allowance for the wallpaper that had to be removed and were able to repaper. The entire experience was far less devastating that we had anticipated due to the work of the Dr. Plumber family. The work was timely, immaculate, and the office staff very cooperative and informative. We strongly recommend this company should the need arise.”

The Einbinders – Plantation FL

“As Canadian snow birds, owning a home in Deerfield Beach, we were unaware of the problem with polybutylene piping and the Cox and Shell Settlement. We found out the hard way and too late with a devastating leak in our kitchen. Thanks to Dr. Plumber, a prompt solution was found and the replumbing of our house was performed quickly and with minimum disturbance. The work was done professionally, on time, and within budget. Thank you Dr. Plumber.”

Carole and Claude Boivin – Deerfield Beach FL

“In 2008 I discovered a plumbing leak and after researching the problem, determined it was due to the installation of polybutylene piping. I did not qualify under the class action suit Cox vs Shell. The Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center recommended calling Dr. Plumber because of their stellar reputation and success in handling homes that were affected with this piping problem. Sam, the owner came and gave us an estimate and when the work was done we were pleased to see that Sam, himself, did the work with a very talented crew. The outcome was very clean workmanship and fast, efficient and courteous service throughout the job. I highly recommend Dr. Plumber for any and all plumbing problems. They are honest and the finished product is excellent.”

Bill LaMorte – Boca Raton FL

“We recently had our home replumbed because of polybutylene pipes and the leaks we experienced. Dr. Plumber was recommended to us by a friend who had had the same thing done-she spoke very highly of them and their workmanship. We did contract for the work which was done quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of disruption to the household. The technicians were quite proficient and took pride on their job. Walls were repaired to perfection, great effort was put into making sure everything was done properly-including the clean-up when all work was done. We can recommend them and their work without reservation-and we have, several times.”

Bob and Carol Boyd – Deerfield Beach FL

“When we found out that our plumbing needed to be replaced, I freaked! But when I was told they would have to go through our walls, which were just newly done in knock-down, I was terribly upset. To make a long story short, I have never had such professional, neat, and experienced workers do anything in my home. Not only did they do a great plumbing job, but they (one man actually) repaired the knock-down magnificently. Dr. Plumber is an exceptional company that I highly commend as well as recommend.”

Linda and Barry Eisenberg – Wellington FL

“We had two incidents of leakage from our polybutylene plumbing and were very fortunate to qualify under the Cox Vs, Shell Settlement. We were very lucky that Dr. Plumber was chosen to replace our plumbing with copper pipes. We were extremely pleased with the quality of their work and the neatness and efficiency with which they did their work. When the plumbing inspector from Palm Beach County building department came to do the final inspection he said ‘I have never seen a better repiping than this’. We can highly recommend this company for the quality of their work.”

Mr. and Mrs. Schreiber – Boynton Beach FL

“No complaints what so ever, very happy with the work and service provided and would recommend to any of my friends or family members. Thank you for doing such a great job.”

Amparo Rouge – Miami FL

“I would like to say thank you for your excellent job. All people working for Dr Plumber were excellent and very responsible. I don’t have more words, only to say congratulation for your company. And it was my pleasure to know you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Evangelista – Sunrise FL

“We were very pleased with the service. They were fast and throughout. We would recommend anyone needing this repipng consider Dr. Plumber.”

David Watkins – Deerfield Beach FL

“We were pleased with the timely and professional service we received from Dr. Plumber. Sam and Adriana took the time to answer all our administrative and technical questions. Sam and his assistant installed the plumbing and Walter installed the drywall. The work was carefully and meticulously done from beginning to end. They were all very personable people and a pleasure to do business with.”

Mr. and Mrs. Reittinger – Plantation FL

“When my home was replumbed by Dr. Plumber I was very concerned that I would be faced with weeks of being inconvenienced. This was NOT the case at all. The work was completed in just a few days. Everything was cleaned and put back in order by them. My drywalls were replaced or repaired expertly. If I hadn’t seen the holes in the walls, I would never have known where they were. In the years since Dr. plumber replaced the pipes in my house, I have never had a problem. I have recommended them to others and I will continue to do so.”

Terry De Bate – Plantation FL

“It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Plumber. They were referred to me by a neighbor who was very pleased with their work. We were very happy as they were efficient and fast. They had the right tools and everything they needed. They were out of here in two days. The man that repaired the walls (Walter) was also exceptional. He came in repaired the walls and did an excellent job of repair and clean up. It is my pleasure to recommend them. Start to finish!”

Edward Houlihan – Plantation FL

“We cannot say enough from the service we were given by Dr. Plumber. The workers were exceptionally knowledgeable about their work. They were efficient, prompt, and always cleaned up when they were finished. They were also very friendly and answered any questions I had. After they were finished with all the plumbing they had someone come in and fix the walls and do all the painting. I would highly recommend Dr. Plumber for any repairs you need.”

Arlene Einhorn – Wellington FL

“Hello Sandro and the Dr. Plumber Team. I wanted to write a quick letter of recommendation for your company because we are so thankful for your help involving the remodel of our home. We have used your plumbing services various times, including the complete replumb of our house, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to others. It is a pleasure to use a company that is honest, shows up on time, and completes a job on schedule, and on budget. Thank you so much! Best regards.”

Jim & Erin Cassidy – Sabal Lakes, Delray Beach FL

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